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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Window treatments

Spring and summer are great for drawing our attention back to our windows. The world outside is beautiful and we want to bring it inside. But the windows are more than just functional. They are important parts of the style of our home and a key way of making them stand out is with our window treatments.

The proper treatment can bring out the character of a room.

When considering treatments, first consider what kind of window it is for. The window itself will help determine what kinds of curtains and draperies work best.

The designers at Michael Nash Design, Build and Home can help you find what works best not just for the window, but also for you and the look you are trying to achieve.

Blinds and shades come in a variety of materials from fabric, wood, faux wood and others, including venetian blinds that can be metal or plastic. There are also blinds made of bamboo and other materials. You may also choose to go with light filtering shades. These also come in a variety of materials, man-made and natural.

For larger windows and patio doors, you might choose to go with curtains. You might even add an additional bit of style to a window by using a sheer curtain over a blind or shade.

As with most home design items, there are many options and materials for curtains, from silk to man-made materials. Curtains can also be insulated, providing a green element to your style by helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Don’t forget this key design element of your curtains – the curtain rod. It can be simple or ornate and comes in a number of looks like pewter, brushed bronze, oil rubbed bronze, burnished brass and a variety of blacks and browns.

Finally, you can add another design element to a window, one that also can provide privacy – a film treatment. This can be as simple as giving your window a frosted and beveled look or it can be a stained glass window look.

Your window brings you the best of what the world outside has to offer at this time of year. It’s right that it should look its best too!

Tips for your summer remodeling

With summer’s arrival soon, many of us our geared up to do some remodeling. We feel energized and may run the risk of getting carried away. So here are a few tips to help you stay on course and get the remodel you are dreaming of.

Don’t get overwhelmed

We’ve mentioned this one before but it’s worth repeating. Be realistic about what can be accomplished and what you can manage. Remodeling usually involves disruption and some handle it better than others. Know what you are comfortable with and plan accordingly.


Similar to the tip above about not getting overwhelmed by the project, be sure you don’t take on something you can’t realistically afford. Budgets are one of the keys to all successful remodeling projects.

Quality materials

Be sure to consult with professionals (like those at Michael Nash) and get a clear idea of what you can expect from the materials you choose. Costlier materials are often more durable, require less upkeep, repair or replacement. If your budget can’t accommodate the materials you really need, consider postponing the project till a time when you can. Cheaper materials can often cost you more over time.

Don’t create work for yourself 

Check with professionals and get a clear idea of what kind of upkeep may or may not be required with the materials you’ve chosen. For example, stainless steel is easy to clean but it also shows smudges easily. Some materials may be easy to clean but require cleaning more often. Get a good idea of what your chosen materials will mean in terms of longevity and in terms of upkeep.


The colors of your home will only work if they receive the proper lighting. During the day, this will usually be natural light from windows and other sources. In the evening and at night, the lamps and fixtures will determine the look. So when you are making your changes, be sure you take time to determine how you will light your room.

Choose with “you” in mind 

Your home should reflect who you are. In other words, no matter how wonderful it may look, if it isn’t “you” it’s unlikely you’ll be happy with it for long. It won’t feel like your home. So concern yourself with what appeals to you first.

Summer home improvement ideas

Summer officially starts in just a few weeks so we thought it might be time to list some remodeling ideas that are worth considering at this time of year. You’ll notice that they focus on the outside of your home. The reason is simple: the warm weather months are the best time to consider upgrading the outside of your house!
So here are a few things to consider for projects:
Nothing says “summer” like a deck. There are many different types but most people go with wood. However, there are also many types of wood, including some that may be more environmentally friendly. So take your time in planning and choosing before making a decision.
Paint or siding:
The most basic of all outdoor remodels is the outside of the house – a new paint color or a new colored siding. And don’t forget, especially where siding is concerned, new siding is a great opportunity to upgrade your insulation to make your home more energy efficient.
Irrigation system (lawn & garden):
Your home is more than your house. It’s also the land it is on including the yards surrounding it. When it comes to selling and “curb appeal” these can become very important.
Even if selling isn’t on your mind, attractive grounds make your home more welcoming while also saying something about who you are. So consider irrigation systems. There are a number of types and they can serve different purposes. Some are more about your lawn (like sprinklers) and some are more about parts of your garden (like a drip system).
Overall landscaping is about more than cutting the lawn. It’s about the lawn and gardens, where they are and how they are maintained. If you are giving the outside of your home “a makeover” consider starting with a plan.
While windows allow light in and can add a stylish aspect to the interior of your home, they also add style to the outside. Windows are where indoor and outdoor meet. So a great summer remodeling project is replacing or upgrading existing windows. It could also be adding new windows, or a dormer or even a skylight. You might also consider installing patio doors.
Summer is a beautiful season. Windows help bring that beauty inside!