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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

7 Tips to Keep in Mind when Planning Remodeling

By: Sonny Nazemian

We’ve put together seven general tips you should always keep in mind when planning a remodeling project, no matter what kind of project it may be.

1) Don’t overwhelm yourself. Consider what you can realistically accomplish. You may be able to handle a complete home remodeling or you may be someone who can’t live with that great a disruption. If that is the case, break it into smaller projects over time.

2) Don’t neglect your budget. Like the tip #1 about not getting overwhelmed by the project size, don’t take on something you can’t realistically afford. Budgets are one of the keys to all successful remodeling projects.

3) Let your imagination loose. Initially, allow yourself to dream of everything. In this early stage, no idea is better than another; there are no bad ideas. Put it all on the table. Once you have, go back to tips 1 and 2 and start the business of narrowing the ideas down.

4) Use quality materials. Consult with professionals and get a clear idea of what you can expect from the materials you are using. Costlier materials are often more durable requiring less upkeep, repair or replacement. Don’t pick materials because they are cheap. Pick materials that work for your project. If your budget can’t accommodate the materials you really need, consider postponing the project till a time when you can.

5) Don’t create work for yourself. This relates to tip #4. Consulting with professionals, get a clear idea of what kind of upkeep may or may not be required with the materials you have chosen. For example, stainless steel is easy to clean but it also shows smudges easily. Usually, there is some kind of trade-off with a material. One may be easy to clean but need it more often. Another material may disguise dirt well but be more difficult to clean. Be sure you have a good idea of what you are getting into with your chosen materials.

6) Color is important but don’t forget lighting. Whatever colors you choose for your home, keep in mind a room’s lighting will have an impact on how it appears.

7) Know yourself. If your home doesn’t reflect who you are there is a good chance you won’t like it. Your style is a reflection of your personality. If your home doesn’t fit you who you are, you’ll feel like you are living in a stranger’s house.