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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Remodeling tip: Stay organized and focused with folders

By: Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes

Remodeling projects can be big and they can be small but regardless of the size there is one general tip to keep in mind when engaging on your project. It should help you keep on track, organized and help ensure the vision you started out with is what your finished project achieves.

It comes down to one word: folders.

1) Name your project and create a folder for it – yes, a folder for paperwork. You can create a equivalent “folder” on your computer, but some items (like receipts) require a physical, old school folder.

2) Within that folder, create sub folders for the different aspects of your project. Using a remodeled room as an example, the sub folders would be such things as electrical, plumbing and paint. For each aspect of the project, try to create a few notes outlining what is being done and why so that, in later months and years, you can go back and refresh your mind about why something was done a certain way.

3) For something like paint, jot down why you chose a certain color. More importantly, write down the color you choose and keep a chip/sample of the color for future reference. (You may want to touch something up in the future and will want something to refer to.)

4) Keep receipts in their appropriate folders so they are easy to find.

While keeping a folder with sub folders helps you stay organized it is also beneficial in keeping you on course and focused on what you are doing. And believe it or not, a year or so later when you embark on another project you can forget why you chose to do something one way and not another.

The information we keep in a folder helps us to remember and stay consistent with our vision.

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