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Sunday, April 1, 2012

What are the best investment renovations?

We love remodeling parts of our home – even the entire home – because of the thrill and joy it gives us when it is completed and we see our vision come to life. But there is another aspect to remodels. That is the investment. For many, that is a key aspect and the question becomes, will there be a return on the investment when we sell?

Opinions vary on what the best investments are but two appear in most lists, kitchen and bathroom.

Today, the kitchen is the home’s hub of activity. It’s a place not simply for cooking and eating but for people to gather and converse. This probably explains why open concept kitchens are so popular. When potential buyers view a home, the kitchen can be the key element in their decision. They may love the house but if they don’t love the kitchen, it could overshadow all the aspects that they find attractive.

Similarly, bathrooms are a key area of daily living. More than functionality, people like a feeling of space and comfort. With a remodel, even a small bathroom can have a sense of spaciousness. Where it’s possible, a remodel that increases a bathroom’s size is a good idea. Buyers can sometimes be resistant to a home they sense has limited bathroom space.

Another remodel that often comes up in terms of good investments is the siding. This is about curb appeal. Does the house look clean, new and inviting from the street? Curb appeal also relates to the yard. How does it look? Could it use some landscaping to spruce it up and make it a bit more appealing when seen from the street?

People also like additional rooms so if your home allows for it, an additional room can be a good idea. This might be an addition to the house, a remodel of an attic or some other variation that allows for another room, be it an office, extra bedroom or work area.

Homes are about where we live and so they should fit our lifestyles and our personal styles. But they are also investments and that is something we should also keep in mind when remodeling.

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