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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brighten the Basement with a New Look

Basements aren’t known for an abundance of natural light. But that is the nature of basements. They are largely below ground so windows are limited, if they are there at all. As far as renovations go, this means you should make the electrical, especially lighting, a top priority.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before doing anything, we first have to know what we want our basement for. What is the purpose of the renovation?

For some, it is about creating a small apartment – sometimes for a relative, a child going to school, or even as a rental space for additional income. In this case, you are probably looking at a full-scale renovation.

For others, however, it is about simply creating another area of the house as a bedroom, or media or games room. You may not be renovating the entire basement, just one area.

Whatever the case is, you’re back to lighting. That will need to be on your list of considerations.

Plumbing is also an area to make a priority. You’ll likely want a small bathroom, at least, and if considering an apartment you’ll want to think about a kitchen or kitchenette and, depending on how extensive you want to go, even additional laundry facilities for your future apartment dweller.

Does your basement have a history of flooding problems? If so, you will need to address that.

There are flooring options to make decisions about. Some, if not all the basement flooring, may need to be raised for insulation and dryness. It may also be dependent on the kind of flooring you will want.

And there will be the walls, as well. Along with how they look, you’ll need to consider heating and insulation (warmth and dryness). You need to keep three elements in mind: insulation, water-proofing and the look. Fortunately, there are many options and you can accomplish all three with a thoughtful decision.

If a basement remodeling is on your “to do” list and you’re unsure where to start, the consultants at Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes are there to help with expertise and ideas. Just call us at (703) 641-9800.

You may find yourself with a basement you never want to leave!