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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Power of the Shower

You may think the “power of the shower” is about the water that comes from the showerhead and you would be right, as far as it goes. But the real power is in how a shower can transform itself and a bathroom with the options that are available now.

A very simple example is the shower rod. Do you feel confined in the shower? Simply replacing a straight shower rod with a curved one can suddenly make you feel there is room to breath. As for the bathroom as a whole, a new shower curtain can have an immediate impact on the look and feel.

But there is much more you can do with showers. Consider the options:

  • Cubicle
  • Panel or Curtain (over bath)
  • Wetroom (and steam shower)

Those three are the basic starting places and will depend on space, budget and your personal taste. For example, some people can’t live without a bath but others only feel the need for a shower. What you put in place will depend on this.

For smaller spaces, the cubicle may be the best bet. It can be a relatively small, walk-in shower that fits nicely in a minimal space.

For a larger shower, you can also have a cubicle style but of greater size – one that allows for more room to move.

For those who want to incorporate a bathtub (a very common approach), the shower can be part of a shower/bath combination and use either a shower rod and curtain, or a panel, such as sliding doors.

And for those who are really stylish and adventuresome, there is the wetroom, which can also incorporate a steam shower. A wetroom really lends itself to sense of space because it doesn’t require a curtain or door; it is a space in the bathroom.

Keep in mind, a wetroom requires some very specific water tight elements, such as “tanking” (waterproofing).

Once you’ve determined what kind of shower best suits your bathroom and your tastes, you’ll move on to some of the more fun, design aspects such as color, tiles (where applicable) and other options, such as curtain rod and curtain, should that be the style you’ve chosen.

Whatever type of shower you choose, and how you choose to style it, the end result will have a transforming effect on your bathroom.

One caution though – you may never want to get out of your shower!