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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stairs are both practical and beautiful

Stairs are a common feature in many homes. They take us to the basement, up to a second floor and even up to an attic. They are practical. But they can be much more and are often a neglected element when we plan a remodeling.

There is more to stairs than a means of moving between floors. Stairs can also be a strong style statement and key enhancement to our home’s appearance.

Some homes are larger and some small. Many others are somewhere between the two. If you have a small to medium sized home you should consider how a stairway can actually be a space saving element in your home.

Redesigning your attic but not sure how to access it without taking up a lot of space with stairs? Consider a spiral staircase!

Standard stairs that access a second floor or the basement can be utilitarian by providing space beneath them in the form of a closet.

A large home can incorporate a grand staircase that widens at the bottom to provide a welcoming look as well as a sense of grandeur. Large homes can also consider stairs that sweep from bottom to top that and communicate elegance as well as suggest the home’s size.

Another element to stairs is the railings. What style will they be? When choosing, keep your home’s overall style in mind. Does it have a modern look? Or perhaps a cottage like feel? The amount and type of ornamentation, the choice of wood or metal, and other factors will help your railings harmonize and enhance your home’s look.

Yes, there is a great deal more to stairs than a few steps. They can even be a design focal point. So don’t neglect them in your remodeling plans!