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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tips on updating the laundry room

By: Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes

Does anyone ever think of a remodeling project that involves the laundry room? We don’t often think of it but a remodel can accomplish a couple of things: 1) make the room an easier, more effective space to use and, 2) be an important plus to new home buyers when you’re thinking of selling your home.

Here are a few tips to consider for updating your laundry room.

1) Color. There is no reason why the laundry room has to be drab. You can make it a more cheerful, welcoming space by simply painting the walls with a color that gives it those qualities.

2) Lighting. A laundry room should be well lit because it is a work area and to do the work properly, good lighting is a must.

3) Storage. Even in a small laundry room, there is usually space above where shelves can be added so detergent and other laundry room supplies can be stored – out of the way yet easily accessed.

4) Machines. Your current washer and dryer may work well and not need updating. But if you’re thinking of selling, you might want to consider putting new machines in as this could be a key bonus to a new home buyer.

5) Space. Depending on where your laundry room is located, you may be able to do some remodeling that allows for the laundry room to be enlarged. This makes it a more welcoming area and also a more practical one if the enlarged space allows for a table for folding and organizing laundry. You can consider adding a drying rack as well for those items with gentler fabrics. With a large enough room you could also add shelves or cabinets for more storage.

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