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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kitchen cabinet handles and knobs

Details can truly make the difference in any project. With kitchen remodeling, one of those details that can make your kitchen truly a wonderful place is the handles and knobs on the cabinets.

With all the attention and debate we put into countertops, splashes, flooring and color schemes, it is easy to overlook how much of a difference the handles and knobs on our cabinets and drawers can make.

When designing your kitchen, be sure to take the time to look at all that is available and see how the different types and styles work with the cabinets you’ve chosen. Some can be ornate; some can be quite simple.

Sometimes you may immediately think a knob should go on the cabinet. But take the time to see how a handle may work. Knobs are simple relative to handles but they can also have decorative styles. Similarly, handles may appear to be less simple compared to knobs, but look at the designs. The styles can be very minimal or very decorative.

The material they use can also have a big impact on the look. You might choose a simple, silvery look. But does it work as well with the cabinets you’ve chosen as a brushed bronze look? As far as the look goes, the handle or knob you choose should work with the style and color of cabinet you have.

Do the handles and knobs you’ve chosen work with the cabinets you’re installing? And do they make a good fit for the style you are aiming for? And do they fit with and enhance your overall kitchen?

Finally, give some thought to the installation of the handles and knobs and how easily they can be replaced should you need to in the future.

They may seem a small element when you are doing a kitchen remodel but as with most small details the handles and knobs you choose for your cabinets and drawers can have a big impact on how your dream kitchen comes out.

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