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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Your bathroom, now starring a vessel sink

It used to be the bathroom sink was simply something functional. Most sinks looked the same and served the same purpose. Today, however, the sink can be the eye-catching focal point of your bathroom.

There are roughly seven sink types:

·         Pedestal sink
·         Wall mounted sink
·         Vessel sink with vanity
·         Framed sink in a vanity counter top
·         Drop-in vanity sink
·         Under-mount sink
·         Cabinet vanity
Of these, the sink that is growing in popularity is the vessel sink. This is partly due to the many options available but largely due to how striking they can be.

They are available in many types of material including traditional porcelain, stone, copper and glass. It’s those last three that provide such a wide range of colors and styles.

The vessel sink sits on top of the countertop and can resemble a bowl (though they come in other shapes as well). They can be mounted to the countertop/vanity or pedestal or they can be mounted to the wall.

While they serve the standard functions of a sink, they also act as a piece of art – something that catches the eye. These sinks also don’t use standard faucets and one attractive aspect of some is that the water flows into them almost as if from a fountain.

When planning a bathroom remodel, be sure to have a look at what is available in vessel sinks. One look may just convince you that it is the way to go to complete your dream bathroom.

You may even find that you design your entire bathroom around the sink you’ve chosen because their designs and colors are so stunning.

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